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September Storm

I don't know hat to write. Or what to put into the headline. I feel a little bit strange at this moment. Today's no school. Nothing do. Uhm i have to screw my bed, because finally my mother is going to buy the things to repair it. Nearly a year that she noticed that my bed has to be repaired, I told her (nearly) everyday and in the end it was my fault -.-.

Sunny weather again ^^ and tomorrow my cutie will visit me <3 I'm so happy about that. I'm really looking forward to it ^^ She always loves it when I tell her the story of me and her. How I felt in love with her and so on, you know ^^

I've got nothing to tell. Everything I do is to sit in front of the Pc ._. somehow that's boring. I know what I will do. I should prepare my presentation in chemistry about a car battery. Oh yeah, that is quite interesting. WTF shall I say about a car battery. I'm not interested in chemistry, cars or such things. By the way I do not know in what I'm interested in.. at this moment I like to download and listen to c-pop, k-pop and so on <3 But really.. I don't know. Maybe.
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