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I am back! Yes, really! I had to stay in hospital, but nothing bad and then vacations started and my cutie visited me <3 Later on we both took the train to her hometown. It was wonderful, although our loveship is such a strange thing to believe <3

Since I'm back I feel a bit strange, e.g. I didn't sleep tonight ;_; at six pm I called my cutie, because she has to go to school. And then I got to sleep 2 or 3 hours. That's unusual, ask her! oo

I`m feeling dirty, think I have to take a shower and eat something! Semolina pudding sounds nice, doesn`t it? In German it's such an ugly word x_x but it's delicious =3 My honey wanted to cook it for me, but we didn't got milk >< so she gave me this convenience blend, to make it on my own *__*

Excuse me for my bad grammar, and so on blabla, I'm a bit tired (but just a bit) >
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