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I thinking about some things... have I some Talent? I tried to wrote something, because some people I adore said, I could write very good, or sth. like this. But I'm not able to write something, not now! I want to, I want to. I want to be adored for something I do... You are able to draw, you can sing... perfectly... and me? Maybe my talent is to have no talent? Do i have a vocation? No I don't know! I do not know what to do with my future... futureless! No I have a future but my future is futureless... My wings of future are detruncated. YOu have to practice.. Oh yeah. I know this thingie. But I`m not able to decide anything. E.g. I hat to make an decision... toast or pizza for dinner? I took me nearly one hour to decide.. Am I this creep? Is this really me? This looser is me! Believe me! I'm not happy to think so. If I would say "I can't change a thing", I lie!

My cutie was picked up by her best friend. this means I'm alone this weekend! Hope she has fun. Thunderstorm and heavy rain! I love this, really! What a eather. Call me weatherman! At the moment I surpress my feelings. Don't know why.
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you do have a talent, but sometimes improving your talent by practicing helps... as you said already~ very important, you can have a spark in whatever you enjoy doing, but if you keep going for it, itll rise into something magical :D