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looool`? oo [December 11, 2006, 8:41pm]
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sekai ni naru ... hane wa [August 25, 2006, 9:53pm]
I thinking about some things... have I some Talent? I tried to wrote something, because some people I adore said, I could write very good, or sth. like this. But I'm not able to write something, not now! I want to, I want to. I want to be adored for something I do... You are able to draw, you can sing... perfectly... and me? Maybe my talent is to have no talent? Do i have a vocation? No I don't know! I do not know what to do with my future... futureless! No I have a future but my future is futureless... My wings of future are detruncated. YOu have to practice.. Oh yeah. I know this thingie. But I`m not able to decide anything. E.g. I hat to make an decision... toast or pizza for dinner? I took me nearly one hour to decide.. Am I this creep? Is this really me? This looser is me! Believe me! I'm not happy to think so. If I would say "I can't change a thing", I lie!

My cutie was picked up by her best friend. this means I'm alone this weekend! Hope she has fun. Thunderstorm and heavy rain! I love this, really! What a eather. Call me weatherman! At the moment I surpress my feelings. Don't know why.
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SNAKE-STRAWBERRY [August 25, 2006, 12:06pm]
I am back! Yes, really! I had to stay in hospital, but nothing bad and then vacations started and my cutie visited me <3 Later on we both took the train to her hometown. It was wonderful, although our loveship is such a strange thing to believe <3

Since I'm back I feel a bit strange, e.g. I didn't sleep tonight ;_; at six pm I called my cutie, because she has to go to school. And then I got to sleep 2 or 3 hours. That's unusual, ask her! oo

I`m feeling dirty, think I have to take a shower and eat something! Semolina pudding sounds nice, doesn`t it? In German it's such an ugly word x_x but it's delicious =3 My honey wanted to cook it for me, but we didn't got milk >< so she gave me this convenience blend, to make it on my own *__*

Excuse me for my bad grammar, and so on blabla, I'm a bit tired (but just a bit) >

coz I luv you [May 31, 2006, 9:31pm]
Usually I wanted to write yesterday, or a week ago.. don't know.

Nothing to eat this evening. As always. My mum didn't gave me money to go let my hair cut on monday. She said, she wouldn't have the money. Indeed she doesn't have it because she always buy new clothes for her or anything else for her NEEDS!

The last days were weird. And I can't say what I feel, actually my head is empty.

Love Love Love. Love is such a beautiful word. Don't ask me why I tell you... You should know by yourself. I'm in love with you darling, more and more and more <3

Friday my class will be in the biggest town in the local area (Bremen).. 1hr by train. We will watch the movie "28 days" with Sandra Bullock and Vigo Mortensen. I already know this movie. It's ... urm... strange?! Later we will have time to go shopping or anything! But everything I'll do is to wait for the evening, to pick up my girl and to have nice 4/5 days with her.

"One individual in one million" - Quote of "Bigh mouth and ugly girl", by Joyce Carol Oates

I have to say.. I like this book. First I didn't because it was boring but now it is so cute. We always have to write (in school) stories about that, in other perspecticves. Maybe people think that I'm too weak because they always they: "cute" or sth like this ._. is this good, don't know.. bad..? ><

I don't know what to say. I think I wanted to say more.. sorry.

btw.. I have a new 3 Doors Down song ;; it's beautiful ;; it's named "He's everything you want". Don't know why I tell you such crap. My Old SAPS-teacher always told me that he likes it when I commented things with trashy or crappy. lol
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Schutzengel [May 19, 2006, 7:23pm]
Today I wrote my english assay. Somehow it was easy. Otherwise I guess I made too many mistakes. Anyway... I got nothing to say. Tomorrow my mother, her bf (and hopefully my younger brother) will watch the Grand Prix. MY favourites are Lordi with Hardrock Halleluja <3 My mom doesn't like them. In fact I didn't expect she would x3' okay, there dresses are... as if they come outta hell ._. but the song rocks x3'

Long time I didn't write anything >< I'm looking forward to next wednesday <3 I will visit my cutie and we'll watch "Memoirs of a Geisha"! I'm happy with her, so happy and I want to protect you cutie, do you hear me? ._.

It's raining and raining and raining that is so suppessive ._. let's pray for sunshine next week <3 'cause I will visit my cutie ^_^ I need you mor than everything! I NEED YOU! Can not life without you, baby. Thank you for coloring my life ^^ I say it again: "I love you!"
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September Storm [May 11, 2006, 10:41am]
I don't know hat to write. Or what to put into the headline. I feel a little bit strange at this moment. Today's no school. Nothing do. Uhm i have to screw my bed, because finally my mother is going to buy the things to repair it. Nearly a year that she noticed that my bed has to be repaired, I told her (nearly) everyday and in the end it was my fault -.-.

Sunny weather again ^^ and tomorrow my cutie will visit me <3 I'm so happy about that. I'm really looking forward to it ^^ She always loves it when I tell her the story of me and her. How I felt in love with her and so on, you know ^^

I've got nothing to tell. Everything I do is to sit in front of the Pc ._. somehow that's boring. I know what I will do. I should prepare my presentation in chemistry about a car battery. Oh yeah, that is quite interesting. WTF shall I say about a car battery. I'm not interested in chemistry, cars or such things. By the way I do not know in what I'm interested in.. at this moment I like to download and listen to c-pop, k-pop and so on <3 But really.. I don't know. Maybe.
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[May 10, 2006, 10:40am]
Just an hour 'til schools beginns. I don't want to. As Dream_Alchemist said: "Chemistry is just too dull to bear." She's so damn right. I will get back my exam. It has to be good! My mother asked me to meet her in the city and go to the chinese restaurant. Bah, I said no. NO NO NO! In a way I hate her. Otherwise she's my mom! She is going on my nervs -.- but okay. I think you aren't interested in those things my mother had done.

It's sunny again. That's strange because I'm not used to see the whole week blue sky and the sun! But I like that. Let's see when there will be rain again. I hope on next tuesday (because of sports =/)!

You see I do not have sth interesting to say ._. I'm just in front of the pc. The whole day. *wants his pc back* I have to call my daddy to reapir it (I'm waiting since 5 Weeks o_o).

Maybe I'll write agian later sth interesting. ^^
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blah [May 09, 2006, 2:06pm]
I have to say the weather is so hot (I guess 25 degrees ~~) and because of that I'm dreaming to it some ice cream with my honey <3 I'm thinking about my love to her, our love. I have to say it's cute to be in love, especially with her ^^ But not that I have just those thoughts in my head ~ there are more (but I won't tell =P) Everything I can say is, that I LOVE HER <3 <3 <3 I want to be your Vanilla!

Tomorrow I have to go to school for 2 Lessons -.- I mean.. chemistry is boring, isn't it? I would skip the two lessons but it is important to go there so I have to!
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<3 [May 07, 2006, 1:08pm]
FINALLY I made it! I made a LJ Layout and thanks to my girl <3 for providing me her LJ code (I wasn't able to code sth, or maybe just too stupid) (she's cute) ^^

The weather is sunny and I want to spend some time with my girl <3 I'm looking forward to friday because my honey is going to visit me!

I am so thankful she is everything I have in life <3
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