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Just an hour 'til schools beginns. I don't want to. As Dream_Alchemist said: "Chemistry is just too dull to bear." She's so damn right. I will get back my exam. It has to be good! My mother asked me to meet her in the city and go to the chinese restaurant. Bah, I said no. NO NO NO! In a way I hate her. Otherwise she's my mom! She is going on my nervs -.- but okay. I think you aren't interested in those things my mother had done.

It's sunny again. That's strange because I'm not used to see the whole week blue sky and the sun! But I like that. Let's see when there will be rain again. I hope on next tuesday (because of sports =/)!

You see I do not have sth interesting to say ._. I'm just in front of the pc. The whole day. *wants his pc back* I have to call my daddy to reapir it (I'm waiting since 5 Weeks o_o).

Maybe I'll write agian later sth interesting. ^^
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