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coz I luv you

Usually I wanted to write yesterday, or a week ago.. don't know.

Nothing to eat this evening. As always. My mum didn't gave me money to go let my hair cut on monday. She said, she wouldn't have the money. Indeed she doesn't have it because she always buy new clothes for her or anything else for her NEEDS!

The last days were weird. And I can't say what I feel, actually my head is empty.

Love Love Love. Love is such a beautiful word. Don't ask me why I tell you... You should know by yourself. I'm in love with you darling, more and more and more <3

Friday my class will be in the biggest town in the local area (Bremen).. 1hr by train. We will watch the movie "28 days" with Sandra Bullock and Vigo Mortensen. I already know this movie. It's ... urm... strange?! Later we will have time to go shopping or anything! But everything I'll do is to wait for the evening, to pick up my girl and to have nice 4/5 days with her.

"One individual in one million" - Quote of "Bigh mouth and ugly girl", by Joyce Carol Oates

I have to say.. I like this book. First I didn't because it was boring but now it is so cute. We always have to write (in school) stories about that, in other perspecticves. Maybe people think that I'm too weak because they always they: "cute" or sth like this ._. is this good, don't know.. bad..? ><

I don't know what to say. I think I wanted to say more.. sorry.

btw.. I have a new 3 Doors Down song ;; it's beautiful ;; it's named "He's everything you want". Don't know why I tell you such crap. My Old SAPS-teacher always told me that he likes it when I commented things with trashy or crappy. lol
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